IButton electronic temperature data logger


iButtons are globally addressable, dedicated 'trackers' that accompany products vulnerable to temperature fluctuations, wherever they go. The tiny, durable Thermochron monitors time and temperature, and then stores the data. The data can easily be uploaded and analyzed to detect possible thermal damage to the product. The computer chip embedded in the Thermochron integrates a 1-Wire transmitter/receiver, a globally unique address, a thermometer, a clock/calendar, a thermal history log, and 512 bytes of additional memory to store user data, such as a shipping manifest or a mission authentication certificate.

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Brolight universal fiber spectrometer


The BIM-60 series fiber spectrometer has a miniature structure. The size is as small as a name card. Itís easy to carry and integrated into spectrum analysis apparatus. The spectrometer has four trigger modes: normal, software, synchronization and external hardware. You can choose different specification for spectrometer. Wavelength range is 200-1100nm, and the resolution is 0.35nm-1nm. In order to meet different needs, a wavelength response range of 300nm-1100nm and 200nm-1000nm detector is available for users to choose from.

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DEXT System Plates


A microtiter plate or microplate or microwell plate or multiwell, is a flat plate with multiple "wells" used as small test tubes. The microplate has become a standard tool in analytical research and clinical diagnostic testing laboratories. Its standard configuration, makes it amenable for use in a large number of instruments. As microplates are typically used to handle chemical and biological samples, they have to be disposed of as medical waste. In 2016, a next generation of green microplate system will be available to reduce this impact. Contact us for a special deal to try out this revolutionary product in your laboratory.

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